SITE'S broad service offering spans the full life cycle of your project, from early-stage survey and access, through construction and maintenance, to reclamation and decommissioning.

We focus on providing best-in-class value through continuous improvement in safety, quality and execution across all industry sectors and any size of project.


Access + Clearing

We are pioneers of the clearing and access industry with more than 35 years of experience operating in the most extreme terrain in Canada.

  • Right-of-way management, including clearing, construction, and wildlife management
  • Timber Management & Disposal
  • Soil Remediation & Refinement
  • Logging and hauling of merchantable timber
  • Grubbing and burning
  • Fireguards and vegetation control
  • Seismic exploration
  • Line and site clearing
  • Matting
  • Snow making
  • Winter road and bridge construction
  • Winter access for drilling and exploration programs
  • Integrated services used in execution including drone technology, GPS and ground penetrating radar to improve safety, quality and efficiency

Civil Construction

An extensive fleet, leading edge technology and scalable project management tools mean no project is too large or too small. With strong local ties throughout western Canada, we have experience across all sectors and all environmental conditions.

  • Road construction
  • Winter road and bridge construction
  • Lease and well pad construction
  • Snow making
  • Tank farms and Central Processing Facility (CPF) construction
  • Lagoon construction, rehabilitation, and reclamation
  • Concrete foundations and reservoirs
  • Landfill construction
  • Residential and industrial rough and finish grading
  • Excavation, mass hauling, and backfilling
  • Aggregate supply and hauling
  • Piling and foundation solutions
  • Slope stabilization and fortification
  • Road rehabilitation and maintenance
  • Reclamation


Full suite of mechanical construction capabilities serving all resource sectors on projects up to $100 M.

  • Facility construction for all disciplines
  • Tank farms, well pads, location work
  • Pump and compressor stations
  • Measurement and regulated facilities
  • Field production and processing
  • Modular installation
  • Electrical & instrumentation
  • Commissioning support
  • Facility modifications and refurbishments
  • General contracting and project management
  • Maintenance and debottlenecking

General Contracting

Utilizing our processes and procedures to drive project efficiencies, manage safety and costs, to deliver timely execution.

  • Budgets
  • Workforce planning
  • Scheduling
  • Subcontractor prequalification and management
  • QA/QC
  • Safety
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Materials and warehousing

Underground Pipelines

Installation and maintenance services to support the full life cycle of your underground assets.

  • Midstream oil and gas gathering, distribution and transmission pipelines
  • All types of pipe including steel, PVC, HDPE and fiberglass
  • Installation, rehabilitation and demolition of deep and shallow utility systems
  • Excavation, mass hauling, backfilling and shoring
  • Manhole and catch basin installation
  • Right-of-way clearing, construction and access
  • Integrity support with intelligent pig, hydrostatic testing, dehydration and mechanical cleaning
  • Integrity dig excavation on live lines
  • Integrity pipe cut out and replacement of field joints
  • Integrity composite sleeve reinforcement
  • Pipeline abandonment
  • Facility decommissioning
  • Site and right-of-way reclamation

Piling + Foundations

A pile and foundations provider dedicated to ensuring optimal results through the use of advanced technology and equipment.

  • Surveying
  • Driven piles: pipe piles, H-Beam, sheet piles, concrete piles, wood piles and soldier piles
  • Helical piles: fully turnkey screw pile solutions including manufacture and installation with industry leading torque values for large diameter piles
  • Pre-cast and poured concrete pads
  • Pipe supply
  • Pre-drilling
  • Structural fabrication
  • Pile capping


In-house fabrication capabilities to support our construction, maintenance and decommissioning projects.

  • More than 133 proprietary weld procedures
  • ABSA, TSASK, MOFC, TSBC approved piping facilities
  • Structural CWB approved facilities
  • Fabrication Electrical Permit Licensing (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia)
  • Valve station, pipe spools
  • Valve replacement and repairs
  • Clamp shoes, full encirclement shoes, anchors guides and sleepers
  • Structural steel
  • Steel and aluminum welding
  • Steel blast and coatings
  • Animal crossings, platforms, small skids
  • Double jointing


Integrating engineering and construction expertise for turnkey solutions.

SITE is pleased to offer its customers full EPC solutions for pipeline and mechanical projects for any application.

SITE and Equinox Engineering have entered into a joint venture agreement under the name Stratus Project Solutions. Both companies have served the western Canadian energy markets for many years.

This partnership combines our respective resumes to offer a full suite of EPC services executed with a construction driven engineering solution.

Stratus focuses on constructability, cost and schedule efficiencies to drive value for our client projects.


Providing full turnkey flowline options to optimize productivity in challenging environmental conditions.

  • More than 133 proprietary weld procedures for various applications
  • Offsite fabrication of structural supports, pipe spooling, and double jointing
  • Well-pad and facility tie-ins
  • Heat-treatment and stress-relief services for pipes, valves, flanges, and connections
  • Civil, construction, piling and structural steel.


Full lifecycle preparation and rejuvenation of the environment throughout the construction process.

  • Reclamation of project sites to original state
  • Water management, including:
    • Re-directing and controlling run-off
    • Erosion management
    • Cleaning up contaminated waterways
  • Vegetation management
  • Tackifying
  • Hydroseeding
  • Fireguards and fire prevention
  • Contaminated soil excavation and hauling
  • In-situ soil remediation
  • Field abandonment
  • Well and pipeline abandonment
  • Industrial and mechanical decommissioning
  • Asbestos cleanup
  • Natural disaster cleanup in residential and commercial areas
  • Soil excavation, mass hauling, and backfilling

Construction and Planning Survey

Combining industry intelligence and experience with the most advanced technologies to deliver critical and precise information. SITE's continued investment in state-of-the-art equipment and software ensures your projects execution is relevant, accurate and efficient.

  • 3D Laser scanning
  • 3D Machine control integration and support
  • Construction surveys (topographic, layout, as-built)
  • GPR ice and frozen muskeg profiling
  • UAV operations (Transport Canada compliant)
  • Data management
  • Immersive technology development (VR, AR)
  • Hydrographic surveys
  • Buried facility locating
  • Seismic GPS QA/QC


More than 1200 pieces of well-maintained equipment available for rent. Flexible rent durations available.

  • Heavy construction equipment including excavators, dozers, scrapers, rock trucks, sidebooms, graders and packers
  • Various trucks and trailer combinations including gravel trailers and wagons, water trucks, logging trailers, jeeps and boosters, hiboys and lowboys
  • Heavy equipment hauling including pilot services
  • Mechanical repairs and maintenance services, including remote locations
  • Additional specialty equipment available

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