Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality


At SITE Resource Group (SRG), one our core values is Safety and Environment, we have fostered this culture from our inception to present day and through a company-wide culture of exceptional safety management and an unbeatable commitment from senior management to the workers in the field we have demonstrated that safety and environment is forefront in our everyday tasks.

In order to conserve this partnership of safety, SRG has adopted a comprehensive Safety Management System. This involves:

  • Conducting inspections and audits to find and eliminate unsafe working conditions and practices
  • Hazard assessment identification that is used company-wide
  • Providing equipment and mechanical safeguards
  • Providing orientation and training of all employees in safety and health procedures
  • Thorough and prompt incident investigation
  • Maintaining emergency response systems and procedures
  • A comprehensive Alcohol and Drug policy




Provide value-added contributions to all stakeholders in order to deliver the safest, highest quality product and services possible. SRG will achieve this through commitment to our


Safety / Environment

while continuously improving our business practices.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

SRG’s Quality Manual contains documented statements of our quality policy, quality objectives and references documented procedures required by SRG; needed to ensure effective planning, operation and control of key management processes. Quality Management System documentation includes:


    • Documented statements vision, mission, appointment letters and quality objectives


    • Project specific quality plan


    • Documented procedures; corporate and legislative requirements


    • Inspection test plan traveller


    • Field exhibits and checksheets


    • Documents associated with effective planning, operation and control of processes within SRG


Managing Quality

SRG maintains a Quality Management System (QMS) that conforms to the ISO 9001 structure, inclusive of a Continuous Improvement Cycle (CIC) process. SRG’s CIC and “Value Added Pyramid” provide a document level structure. Document levels are used to ensure that the tools required to succeed are provided at each level of responsibility and accountability for each business unit.

Continuous Improvement

SRG’s CIC is a documented, managed proprietary Continuous Improvement database (CIL). The CIL provides evidence of CIC monitoring activities, evaluation, reporting, corrections and improvements, and management’s review and approval. Each instance of monitoring activity is assessed in terms of risk and root cause.

SRG’s objective is to safely deliver 100 percent complete construction projects that meet all contract and customer expectations the first time, every time.