SITE brings the same commitment to every project we work on – We take care of our people and the environment on and off the job site. This means partnering with local communities to create local opportunities. It means safe choices to protect people where they work, live, and play. It means sustainable practices and minimal disturbance to protect our environment.


SITE spends a lot of time in the communities and areas where we work. We take the time to get to know the communities and people, and collaborate locally to create exciting and beneficial opportunities. We are partners with local businesses. We are an economic engine for communities. We are a source of safe and enjoyable work for residents. We are community builders.


Indigenous engagement is an integral part of our business – we regularly partner with local businesses and hire project staff in the communities that we are active in.

As partners, our goal is to create opportunities and ensure sustainability that will last far beyond each project. To do this, we aim to build strong, ongoing relationships.

We want dialogue and commitments to be transparent, meaningful, and beneficial. We want to support the goals and interests of our business and community partners. We want to be well-prepared to respond to time sensitive project bids and hire team members for upcoming projects.

Our Indigenous Relations Policy continues to evolve in support of the Federal Government’s commitment to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Business partnerships + job opportunities

We’re committed to partnering with businesses and people in the communities where we work. These partnerships are put into action in a number of ways, including:

  • SITE working as a sub-contractor for an Indigenous business on a project. We can provide the leadership and resources, including people and equipment, a community needs to bid for opportunities.
  • SITE pre-qualifying employees and local companies to hire them quickly when work on a project starts.
  • SITE re-hiring employees and local companies for new project opportunities and ongoing contracts.

SITE is a proud member of the NorthEastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association, an organization committed to making introduction, encouraging relationships, and building understanding between industry and Indigenous communities.

Building socio-economic opportunities

SITE projects aim to further establish and build socio-economic opportunities in our partner communities. We want to develop enduring, legacy capacity in the communities impacted by projects and to ensure Indigenous peoples and business receive as much socio-economic benefit as possible. This means:

  • Workforce participation and mentorship, ensuring that employees develop skills that can be applied to other projects in the future, and
  • Proactive, fair processes for identifying and supporting Indigenous subcontractors to build their own business capacity and capabilities.



SITE’s commitment to positive environmental change is evident in all of our work, from the way we conduct our services, to the maintenance of our job sites and our employee training programs.

We focus on best practices with waste management, flora, fauna and water sources. Our goal is always minimal disturbance during a project and we are well known for the strength of our reclamation and remediation services.

Our environmental commitment also carries into how we work. We constantly advance our internal practices, adopting environmental innovations and procedures that make a difference to emission reductions, energy savings, waste reduction, and water conservation.

Our staff take environmental responsibility seriously, taking action through initiatives like:

  • Anti-idling with equipment
  • Keeping equipment well-maintained
  • Sourcing green suppliers
  • Waste reduction through recycling
  • Reduce printing consumables through the use of digital media and authorizations and automatic double sided prints


SITE and our team are constantly caught in the act – going above and beyond to care for our employees, clients, and communities.


We believe in being active in the communities where we work, from sponsoring hockey teams to organizing snow shovelling to fundraisers.

We also know that communities grow from the individual up. That’s why we’re committed to also helping people pursue opportunities that develop their skills and capabilities.