Industries We Serve

Experience the difference that a community-building culture coupled with a workforce of skilled professionals and more than 1,200 pieces of equipment can do for you.

SITE is a project solutions and integrated services provider. We deliver remote access, infrastructure, and environmental services for construction and maintenance projects across every sector and any size project.

We invest in local people and partnerships that ensure our projects create benefits to the local communities that survive a single project schedule.

Your projects have a lasting impact – and so should the services that create them.

SITE offers access, infrastructure, and environmental services to the midstream, conventional, oil sands mining, and in-situ sectors throughout Western Canada.

Our project solutions and services are easily integrated within and managed to span the life of your projects. We have the experience and know-how to:

  • Achieve your project goals through construction, operations, and maintenance
  • Meet your sustainability objectives through project decommissioning, remediation, and reclamation

In addition to offering traditional contracting services, SITE delivers full EPFCM solutions through Stratus Project Solutions. Stratus is a joint venture between SITE and Equinox Engineering, and offers cost-effective solutions for the construction driven design of well pads, pipelines, and plants.

Oil + Gas Services:


  • Clearing, logging, mulching, and vegetation maintenance
  • Matting, snow making, and winter road and bridge construction
  • Wildlife crossing


  • Civil construction including road building, pad construction, site maintenance, landfills and ponds, and tank farms
  • Aggregates
  • Driven and helical piling
  • Civil foundations
  • Fabrication
  • Field mechanical installation
  • Aboveground flowlines
  • Underground pipeline construction
  • Pipeline integrity and maintenance
  • Shutdown maintenance programs


  • Erosion control
  • Tackifying
  • Demolition of industrial structures and remediation
  • Right-of-way or site reclamation
  • Well field abandonment and reclamation

Cost-competitive EPFCM Contracting

  • Full EPFCM project solutions
  • Thermal well pads
  • Above ground flowlines
  • Flow measurement and control at gas plant pump and compression stations
  • Below ground pipelines and modifications
  • Support your project initiation, including providing your FEED study and feasibility, early exploration and access

SITE offers access, infrastructure, and environmental project solutions and integrated services that suit extreme weather and terrain. We are experienced in remote project delivery, and can coordinate, manage, and deliver fit-for-purpose solutions that work for you. Our commitment to building local relationships, community engagement, and developing environmental plans that accommodate the sensitivities of the local habitat are integral to our success.

Mining Services:


  • Clearing, logging, mulching, and vegetation maintenance
  • Geomatics, stakeless surveys, right-of-way surveys, and mapping
  • Temporary road construction and mine access
  • GPR ice and frozen muskeg profiling


  • Permanent road construction
  • Mine site construction
  • Civil construction
  • Remote camp site construction, including clearing, earthworks, construction and utility connections, and temporary power
  • Driven and helical piling
  • Civil foundations
  • Field installation of mechanical buildings, tanks, and mine components
  • Underground utility connections
  • Underground pipelines


  • Erosion control
  • Wildlife management
  • Demolition of industrial structures
  • Remediation of contaminated soil and abandoned mine sites
  • Reclamation solutions

From preparing and developing a new site to maintaining, rehabilitating, and cleaning up existing infrastructure, SITE has the expertise, capacity, and equipment to deliver quality and longevity. Our infrastructure expertise extends from remote and urban sites to conventional and ice roadways, bridges, and other transportation structures.

Infrastructure Services:

Roads and Transportation

  • Fireguard clearing and vegetation maintenance
  • Road construction and maintenance
  • Highway construction and maintenance
  • Lagoon construction, rehabilitation and reclamation
  • Landfill construction
  • Foundation solutions for road and bridge rehabilitation, including the installation of H piles, precast concrete, and anchor bolts

Underground Utilities

  • Deep and shallow utilities
  • Storm sewer, water main, and sewer system construction
  • Steel, PVC, and HDPE pipe
  • Project management solutions for subdivision or phase expansions
  • Commercial
  • Civil construction
  • Driven and helical piling

From greenfield utility installations to brownfield maintenance and cleanup, SITE provides integrated service solutions founded on strong community and local landowner engagement programs. We are mindful of the legacy impact your project has on the local community and make it a priority in our project initiation, management, and execution.

Power Services:
  • Community engagement
  • Landowner and stakeholder relations
  • Right-of-way construction and access solutions for powerlines
  • Pad construction and foundations for towers, substations and plants
  • Driven and helical piling
  • Anchor bolts and micropiles
  • Vegetation maintenance
  • Reclamation solutions

As sustainability and climate change leadership become common policies and the cost of producing renewable energy decreases, there is a growing requirement for service contractors with expertise in developing mid- to large-scale renewable energy sites. SITE has the expertise, capabilities, and equipment to prepare, develop, and maintain Western Canada’s renewable energy developments.

Renewable Energy Services:


  • Clearing, logging, mulching, and vegetation maintenance
  • Construction surveys, right-of-way surveys, and data management
  • Matting, road building, snow making, and winter road and bridge construction
  • GPR ice and frozen muskeg profiling


  • Civil construction and earthworks, including pad construction for wind projects and site preparation for solar projects, trenching, aggregates, and fencing
  • Infrastructure pilings and foundations, including installation of H piles, precast concrete, and anchor bolts
  • Underground infrastructure, including deep and shallow utility trenches and line placement


  • Water management
  • Vegetation maintenance
  • Demolition of structures
  • Reclamation solutions

SITE’s environmental expertise extends from your project start-up to clean-up. We offer sustainable, regulatory-compliant site access solutions, infrastructure construction and maintenance solutions, asset recovery and structural decommissioning, water and soil remediation, and reclamation solutions. We develop environmental management plans for all of our projects, with an emphasis on eliminating or minimizing the impacts to communities, wildlife, and natural environment.

Environmental Services:
  • Mulching
  • Matting to protect sensitive areas
  • Orphan well abandonment
  • Asset recovery, salvage, and recycling solutions
  • Waste management and hauling
  • Water and soil remediation
  • Reclamation/reforestation solutions