BEST-IN-CLASS project solutions + integrated services provider.

We deliver remote access, infrastructure and environmental services for construction and maintenance projects across Western Canada.
We are best-in-class thanks to our:
  • Combined safety, quality, and project management culture
  • Local knowledge, positive relationships, self-performing teams with qualified professionals, and more than 1,200 pieces of equipment
  • Emphasis on meeting or exceeding an owners expectations and requirements
  • Focus on continuous improvement

We are a Company COMMITTED TO SERVICE WORK that stands the test of time.


Provide value-added contributions to all stakeholders in order to deliver the safest, highest quality product and services possible. SITE will achieve this through commitment to our


Safety / Environment

while continuously improving our business practices.

What we bring to every project

SITE brings experience, local knowledge and partnerships, and a culture of safety to every project. When you work with SITE, you are guaranteed:
    • Safety-first practices and the record (that we’re happy to share) to prove it
    • Quality – management system that is ISO 9001/2015 compliant promoting standardization across all business units and disciplines
    • Experienced professionals with the knowledge, expertise, and preferred equipment for your sector and project
    • A real commitment to continuous improvement – where good ideas become practices that get better results
    • Integrated service solutions – we can manage and deliver one or many of our services within your project
    • Collaboration – where our focus on teamwork and partnerships means working together on solutions and delivering them the best way possible
    • Key performance indicators – the kind that let everyone know we are making good on our services
If you share our vision, SITE is always looking for skilled and motivated individuals to join and improve our team. If you strive to be a part of a committed, hard-working and rewarding team, please check out our career opportunities.
Backed by entrepreneurial drive and strong investors

SITE has offices in 14 communities across Western Canada, and an exceptional reputation for delivering projects from Canada’s north down into the Bakken Formation.

We have a lean leadership team with deep roots in the communities where they serve and a strong drive to make a difference through their work. We take pride in having a large-scale presence with a small company culture. We grow through acquisition, backed by Houston-based SCF Partners and with due care to onboard companies that round out our capabilities and presence in access, infrastructure, and environmental project solutions and integrated services across every sector and any size project.



Lori Hoeksema, VP of Finance

Lori is SITE Resource Group’s VP of Finance and is responsible for all finance operations. Lori’s extensive knowledge and skillset coupled with her lengthy tenure with the business is essential to ongoing growth and success.

Shona Pilgrim, Vice President Compliance & Human Resources

Shona directs our Human Resource and Business Compliance functions. With a passion for people, strong communication skills, sound business acumen and her dedication to meet regulatory compliance, Shona always sets her sights on the strategic placement of resources. She is a critical member of our team.

Scott Coats, Vice-President Civil Services

Scott is a civil lead for Centurion Canada Infrastructure. He is a primary point of contact and resource for all civil construction and provides strategic oversite on all municipal infrastructure and aggregate projects.

Chris Martineau, President

Chris serves as President for SITE Resource Group, managing the overall strategic direction of the organization. Chris has over 20 years of industry knowledge and experience, driving a culture of safety, quality and transparency through all levels of the business.

Leo Barrette, Senior Vice President

Leo serves as one of three Senior Vice President for SITE Resource Group who share accountability for leading operations across Western Canada, and is a key operational leader. He is the primary point of contact for SRG’s major projects and is instrumental to ensuring that all business operation processes are aligned.

Danny Dion, Director

Danny is responsible for the overall strategic direction and business growth of SITE Resource Group’s clearing and environmental division. Danny plays a key business development role with our Northern communities and is one of five Vice Presidents who share accountability for leading operations across Western Canada.

Marc Barrette, Vice-President, Quality & Compliance

Marc leads SITE Resource Group’s commitment to quality and continuous improvement. He is responsible for maintaining and advancing the business’s quality management and continuous improvement cycle throughout all levels of SITE Resource Group – from field operations to executive leadership.

Leland McPhail, Northwest Manager

Leland is responsible for the projects, including the staff and resources, in SITE’s northwest region, including northwest Alberta and into British Columbia. He ensures that SITE is meetings it performance targets, and delivering the best results for its clients.

Trevor Hittel, Vice President Environmental

Trevor is responsible for the projects, including the staff and resources within SITE Resource Group’s Southern operations and projects across the Bakken Formation.

Joe Pilieci, Geomatics Manager

Joe leads the geomatic team for SITE across Western Canada. Working with state of the art equipment and continually looking to lead the industry with innovative systems that improve safety, quality and accuracy to all SITE’s surveying practices.

Roger Didychuk, Senior Vice President

Roger is a Senior Vice President and has over 32 years in the Environmental and Civil earthworks business and leads the Business Development team, supporting them to identify solutions to customer challenges and projects. He is also responsible for developing the company’s market position and fostering its growth, liaising with business partners and stakeholders, identifying new business opportunities, and keeping up-to-date with market trends.

Brad Charlton, Vice-President (PMO)

As VP of operations, Brad is responsible for upholding the strategic goals and values of SITE Resource Group by leading business operations, managing staff and projects. With over 25 years of construction management experience, Brad has extensive knowledge of the business and has built a strong reputation in the industry.

Troy Park, General Manager, Piling and Foundations

Troy is SITE’s lead for pilings and foundations. SITE offers the procurement, equipment, and manpower to deliver pilings and foundations as stand-alone services or part of multi-phase projects in any sector. Troy ensures that SITE’s services stand apart for quality and, where required, integrate easily into project timelines and desired outcomes.

Jason Wild, General Manager, Infrastructure

Jason is SITE’s lead for infrastructure. SITE’s infrastructure capabilities and experience are extensive and run across all sectors. Jason is responsible for overseeing all aspects of SITE’s infrastructure work and, regardless of the region, ensuring that it stands apart for quality and meet the client’s overall project outcomes.

Leland McPhail Operations Manager, Puerto Rico

Leland is an operational lead for Centurion Infrastructure. He is the primary point of contact for our Puerto Rico offices in clearing, access, and environmental solutions.

Albert Paradis Vice President Equipment

Albert leads the equipment division ensuring that all equipment is maintained to high standards and meeting all safety requirements. Equipment is dispatched across the four Western provinces with Albert guaranteeing the most cost effective and on-time delivery.

Hotline Policy

SITE employees are always expected to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner. Our hotline policy provides employees or bystanders with a means to report any breaches of law, ethics, behavior, policies, or any other abuses in a confidential and anonymous format.



  • The Employee or Bystander can choose to remain completely anonymous when reporting the event
  • The Employee or Bystander shall receive no retaliation or retribution for a report that was provided in good faith.
  • A Employee or Bystander who makes a report that is not done in good faith is subject to discipline, up to and including termination.
  • Anyone who retaliates against the Employee or Bystander (who reported in good faith) will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination.
  • Crimes against a person or property of an illegal matter should immediately be reported to the local law enforcement agency.
  • Internal personnel must promptly act to investigate and/or resolve the issue.
  • The Employee or Bystander shall receive a report within five business days of the initial report, regarding the investigation, disposition or resolution of the issue.
  • If the Employee or Bystander is not satisfied with the investigation of a report conducted in good faith by internal personnel, then they have the right to report the event to the appropriate authorities.
  • The identity of the Employee or Bystander, if known, shall remain confidential to those persons directly involved in applying this policy unless the issue requires investigation by law enforcement. In this case, members of the organization may be subject to subpoena.

Report an event

    Please provide details with respect to the location of the incident (e.g. region, specific location, and department).

    Please describe the nature of your concern regarding operational and/or financial matters. Include sufficient information for an independent person to understand the concern and to enable further investigation.

    Please state the full name(s) and title(s) of individuals whom you suspect of wrongdoing.

    How many times has this incident taken place (if applicable)?

    How long has this incident been taking place (if applicable)?

    Would you be willing to provide your name and contact information? (Please note that this is optional)

    If YES then please provide your name and telephone number.