Health & Safety

Safety First for Everyone, Always”, SITE HSE Manual.

At SITE, our primary objective is creating a company wide culture of exceptional quality management and an unbeatable commitment to health and safety.

Ensuring this commitment is upheld through the entire SITE family is our foremost priority– from our corporate management channels and our employees to our affiliate subcontractors, suppliers and direct service providers.

In order to conserve this partnership of safety, quality and performance, SITE has adopted a comprehensive Safety Management System. This involves:

  • Conducting inspections to find and eliminate unsafe working conditions and practices, to control health hazards, and to comply with all safety and health standards;
  • Four (4) levels of hazard assessments that are used company wide;
  • Providing equipment and mechanical safeguards, including GPS in all of our operating vehicles;
  • Providing orientation and training of all employees in safety and health procedures, and ensuring they cooperate and comply as a condition of employment;
  • Implementing necessary personal protective equipment and instruction;
  • Investigating every incident, promptly and thoroughly to find and correct the cause;
  • Maintaining emergency response systems and procedures;
  • Enforcing industry leading Alcohol and Drug policies;
  • Safety awards and recognitions, including “Manager’s Awards” and “Job Well Done Awards”; and
  • COR Certification.

Maintaining the standards and principles of our Safety Management System, with the ultimate goal of zero incidents and injury, drives everything we do. 



SITE is a fully-integrated energy services company that provides exceptional environmental, infrastructure and access services for oil, gas and resource development companies.

SITE has the knowledge, the experience, the people, and the dedication to consistently deliver exceptional quality management and assurance with every project. Some of these regions include the northern oil sands, the Interior Plains, the Boreal forest and the Bakken formation of North Dakota, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.