SITE’s commitment to positive environmental change is evident in all of our work: from the way we conduct our services, to the maintenance of our job sites and our employee training programs. Here are just a few examples of how SITE is committed to reducing the environmental footprint:


Our remediation and reclamation services return the earth to its natural form. All natural materials are preserved as much as possible in order to preserve and re-establish native flora of the local area. Additionally, our use of mulching as an alternative to bulldozing and burning is a proven environmental technique.


We are mindful not to disrupt wildlife local to our working areas. We allow wildlife to move as freely as possible around our job sites with animal crossings used frequently and whenever possible.


With every project, we continuously monitor air quality and take a progressive approach to managing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Water used in many of our processes comes from non-drinkable sources below the water table. Process waters are never discharged back into the environment.

SITE believes that behaving in an environmentally responsible manner is the best way to reduce environmental impact, and effect positive change for future generations.



SITE is a fully-integrated energy services company that provides exceptional environmental, infrastructure and access services for oil, gas and resource development companies.

SITE has the knowledge, the experience, the people, and the dedication to consistently deliver exceptional quality management and assurance with every project. Some of these regions include the northern oil sands, the Interior Plains, the Boreal forest and the Bakken formation of North Dakota, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.